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    Does Staging Benefit the Buyer or Seller?

    Understanding the strategic influence behind a beautifully furnished home

    Written By Osman Omaid

    Purchasing real estate can be a very emotional process. So much so that many homebuyers can often be swayed by properties that are visually alluring. I see it happen all the time. This has, not surprisingly, led to the popularity of ‘staging’ among sellers.

    Staging is when the listing agent hires an interior decorator to enhance the aesthetics of a property. They’ll usually bring in tasteful furniture, beautiful artwork, and curated accent pieces to turn the home into a model suite.

    But the question is, who does staging actually benefit? The buyer or the seller? Let’s explore the influence this strategy can have on either party.


    What is the benefit to sellers?

    I always tell my seller clients that the value of their property is not one single number, etched in stone somewhere. If you ask 5 appraisers for the value of your home, you’ll get 5 different numbers.

    The benefit of staging to the seller is simply that it maximizes the chances they receive the absolute highest selling price for their property. It’s that simple.

    A beautifully furnished home will enchant potential buyers when they come to see the home. But even leading up to that moment, staging will also ensure stunning photographs for the online listing — swaying buyers before they even step inside.

    With help from an expert designer, sellers can create an atmosphere that buyers will fall in love with. A beautifully staged dining area, for example, can invoke thoughts of hosting fun dinner parties. Or an ensuite bath can be made to look like a spa, so that buyers can picture themselves relaxing there after a long day.

    Ultimately, staging helps sellers unlock the dreams that come along with homeownership. It makes it easy for buyers to imagine a world of possibilities, should they purchase that particular property.


    What is the benefit to buyers?

    Contrary to what many buyers think, staging can actually be of tremendous benefit to them, but only if they can temper their emotions. I always warn my clients not to be seduced by staging, as its sole purpose is to elicit an emotional response.

    Although it’s fun to dream about the fancy dinner parties you’ll host and all those luxurious baths you’ll take — a beautifully furnished home can provide more valuable information.

    For example, staging can help buyers determine the best use of space. Perhaps the decorator put a small writing desk in the master bedroom, showing you that it can double as your home office. Or maybe you really like how the stager created a small reading nook in that awkward space by the kitchen. Even something as simple as the right paint colour will help you see that a very small room can actually feel bright and airy.

    When I take a buyer client to a well-staged home, it’s immediately clear what potential the home offers, as well as the home's spatial limitations. Whereas, when visiting a vacant property, buyers often struggle to determine the best furnishing options, or what the space really offers.

    In short, the benefits of staging to sellers is quite obvious. But for buyers, this strategy is only useful if you don’t allow your emotions to take over. So next time you visit a staged property, be sure to take in all that beauty with an objective mind. By doing so, you’ll position yourself to make purchasing decisions that aren’t clouded by the superficial.

    I hope this article has been informative! If you’d like to learn more, reach out anytime for a no-obligation discussion about your property search.

    You can call me at 647-303-5757 or send an email to I’m always happy to help!

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